To make our online community as rich and valuable as possible, we ask that all participants adhere to these guidelines when posting any content to the site, including written text, video, or other media.

Inappropriate content

Although we strive to be an open community, this is a professional Platform devoted to professional services. As such, While Edify Lab maintains a relatively open forum, this is a professional site devoted to professional services. Do not post spam or irrelevant content on our site or otherwise post or engage in threatening, violent, harassing, or sexually objectionable content or behavior.

Questions and Answers

If you’re posting questions, whether in video or written format, please make sure your question is short, clear, and relevant. When writing answers, compose your own responses as opposed to copying and pasting items from elsewhere on the internet.

If you’re posting answers, avoid posting short answers such as “I agree” without further explanation. Similarly, “Hire an advisor” should never be your sole answer to a question. While that may be an appropriate answer in many cases, please explain your rationale behind why hiring an advisor is the best course of action.

When providing answers, do not invite consumers contact you directly and do not add contact information to your responses. You must always keep answer content non-commercial.

Client Reviews

If you engaged an advisor on our site, please take the time to review your experience with that advisor. Be sure to include specific non-confidential details regarding your experience to assist others that may be considering engaging that advisor.

Do not misrepresent the facts in any review you post. While we want you to express your opinion and details regarding why the service you received was or was not satisfactory, do not exaggerate or misrepresent your experience with the advisor.

If your review includes accusations of criminal activity or unethical behavior, you must include specific factual details. The level of specificity needed in the review rises as the accusations become more severe.

We moderate all reviews prior to publicly posting them. If you leave a review for an advisor you did not engage on our site, that review will not be publicly posted.

Consumer Members

Any time you post in a public forum on our site, be sure not to give out any personal information such as your address, email, phone number, credit card information, or any other confidential information. Any personal information necessary for engaging an advisor on our site should be communicated directly to the advisor in a non-public format such as through email or by phone.

Professional Members

As previously mentioned, direct solicitations are not permitted in answers to consumer questions or in any public portion of the site other than your profile or through our additional advertising services. You may include information about your business or practice on your personal profile. Remember, a link to your profile will be displayed next to each of your postings on the site and the more informative your answers to consumer questions, the more likely consumers will be to navigate to your profile.

Terms of Use

In the event of a conflict between these Guidelines and the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use will control.
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