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Dr. Berit Brogaard
Miami, FL, United States
17 Years
  • Neuroscience, Philosophy  (1989 - 2000) Ph.D.
Practice Areas: Mental Health
Mental Health Counselor
Issues Addressed:
Teen Issues, Marriage Issues
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Lovesick Love, used with permission.

Five Signs That Your Partner Is Not Right for You

Does your partner take you for granted? Do you have the same core values? Do you really care about each other? Read on to see if you are right for each other.

Berit Brogaard, used with permission

5 Types of Subtle Verbal Abuse in Relationships

Verbal abuse can be very subtle. This may partially be why you are in doubt about whether you are in that kind of relationship with your beloved.

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5 Ways to Spot Whether Your Ex Is Taking Advantage of You

After your breakup you agree to be friends. It doesn't take long, however, before you realize what a huge mistake that was. He is not a friend. He is taking advantage of you.

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5 Essential Steps to Save Your Relationship

It is natural to feel anxious and sad if your partner stops fully reciprocating your love. But playing games to regain the power could have a disastrous outcome.

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The Mysteries of Love

For quick free advice on romance, relationships and breakups, visit my blog: Psychology Today The Mysteries of Love