Dr. Bjørn Hjertager
Stavanger, Norway
40 Years
  • Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics  (1973 - 1979) PhD
  • Mechanical Process Engineering  (1969 - 1972) MSc
  • Mechanical Enginering  (1965 - 1968) BSc
Disciplines: Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
- Structural Engineering
- Wind Energy
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Practice Areas Addressed:
Feasibility Studies, Risk Analysis, Other Engineering Practice Areas, Engineering Design
Practice Areas: Education
Professors - College and Universities
Professors - Research Institutes
Issues Addressed Addressed:
Short summary of competence areas

Hjertager's background is Process/Chemical Engineering, Fluid Mechanics and Transport Processes with research area related to Industrial Fluid Flow Processes, both computational and experimental studies.

His research the last 15-20 years has been directed towards the following areas:

- Industrial and Environmental Flows

- Multiphase Chemical Reactors

- Chemical Reactions in Turbulent Flows

- Combustion Hazards

In his field of expertise he has in the last years given courses in:

- Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer (BSc level)

- Transport Processes (MSc level)

- Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) (MSc level given in Norway, Denmark and Italy)

- Computational multi-Fluid Dynamics (CmFD) (PhD level given in Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Italy)

- Modeling of Chemical and Physical systems (MSc level)

- Consequences from Release of Flammable Materials (MSc level)

More details of the topics and succesful PhD's may be found on the homepage of his former Research Group at Aalborg University Esbjerg (AAUE): Link

Link to Hjertager's homepage at University of Stavanger Link