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Richard Stutely
London, United Kingdom
40 Years
  • University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School  (2013 - 2014) MBA foundation course online
  • About 35 online university courses  (2013 - 2016) eg, Managing the Company of the Future
  • University of London  (1977 - 1979) BSc. in Economics pt1
Practice Areas: Business
Bidding, RFPs & RFQs
Budgets and P&L
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Industries Addressed:
Software, Real Estate & Housing, Other Industries , Entrepreneurship, Waste Management and Remediation, Community and City Planning Show More...
Consultant, CEO, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author

Queen/King Maker:

  • I'll help you to succeed beyond all expectations
  • I advise executives and entrepreneurs on all aspects of business development
  • One of my specialities is business plans, including feasability studies, and strategic, operational, and marketing plans.
  • Clients include traditional industrial, commercial, and service businesses, banks and financial companies, and high-tech (including digital transformations, internet start-ups and online business development) 
  • Established and emerging markets
  • Truly international experience: US, UK & Europe, Middle East, and Asia

Practical business expert:

  • Recognized authority on business planning, strategy, economics, finance
  • Conducts corporate training
  • Lectures MBA students
  • Books are required or recommended reading at universities and MBA business schools worldwide
  • Keeps fully up-to-date with latest academic and corporate research, but operates at a wholly pragmatic and practical level

International Best Sellers in a dozen languages include:

  • The Economist Guide to Economic Indicators
  • The Economist Numbers Guide
  • Financial Times Definitive Business Plan
  • Financial Times Definitive Guide to Business Finance

Other books include:

  • The Economist Desk Companion (contributor and editor).
  • The Economist Vital World Statistics (contributor and editor)
  • Business Startup in a Box

Also published by The Economist, Financial Times, Bloomberg, The Director, The Banker, Accountancy, Asian Finance, and others 

Career experience includes:

  • HM Treasury (including Press Officer and Asst Private Secretary)
  • Commercial, investment and private banking
  • Chief Economist, Burgan Bank
  • Director, Retal Banking Systems Development
  • Product Director
  • Director, Customer Support 
  • Director of Business Development
  • Director of Operations
  • CEO
  • Proven track record in business start-ups, turnarounds, and business development, across cultures

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"Aspiring managers who have trouble with crunching numbers may have found a saviour in Richard Stutely."

The Guardian (UK national newspaper)


The Definitive Business Plan

All you ever need
"This book is a hit! I have raised well over £100m in total for three different companies, including an IPO on the Main Market of LSE based on the teachings of this book. Investors love the style and it pays off. What else do you need in addition than a brilliant idea put in a right format? If you are serious about raising money, look no further."

Serial Enterpreneur

The Definitive Business Plan

Very informative and also more internationally oriented
"I find this book way superior to many other books on the subject. At the same time, it approaches business plans with small boxed anecdotes and an easy-going attitude (alla "...for dummies" but a far better level). Also differences between British and U.S. accounting terms are explained, giving the book a touch of international reach. At all times you have the feeling of being in company with a very talented and experienced author."

Klaus Kühn

The Definitive Guide to Business Finance

This book may not top your Christmas wish list but it is an absolute must for entrepreneurs, executives and business people alike. Richard weaves his craft and translates years of first hand experience into a highly readable, enjoyable and, most importantly, understandable read. I have applied many of the recommendations in this book to my own scenarios and the results have been instantaneous. No longer do I fear the darkest realms of the financial departments, analysts or executives - this book has provided with the insight, weapons and strategy to battle upon an even keel. This book could be the greatest investment you ever make."

Philip Leslie

The Definitive Guide to Business Finance

Thorough - and thoroughly entertaining - introduction to the basics of business finance
"You’d expect a book on business finance to be dry, dull and soporific - that is, a great cure for insomnia. Well, wake up, because Richard Stutely's manual on numbers for nonfinancial managers blows a bracing gust of fresh air into a stale subject. The business expert's witty asides, funny anecdotes and tongue-in-cheek approach make for a relatively painless introduction to the basics of number crunching. More important, he focuses on making sense of figures and data and on applying the knowledge they provide. ... suggests this instructive guide to new managers who seek a primer on business finance; business students who need a comprehensible revision aid; seasoned nonfinancial executives, who will refer to it again and again; and novice business owners, who'll find that its easy-to-use layout really helps make the material accessible."

Rolf Dobelli

The Definitive Guide to Business Finance

"… a powerful tool for anyone involved with practical financial management issues. It is a superb balance between practical tips and hints and sufficient level of detail to enable you to challenge and make progress in improving the financial and operational performance of your organisation. It consciously avoids the sterile academic debates and focuses clearly on value added ideas and initiatives. The 10 questions sections are incredibly powerful."

Simon Rogers, Senior Consultant in Big 4 Global Professional Services Firm

The Economist Numbers Guide

"A really good book to get an overview. Years and years of school in a couple of hundred pages... . A really good guide through all the mathematics you will need in normal business life. The writing is even a bit entertaining in parts... ."

Tim Nowotny